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Apps to Start Kids Coding

The 2016 Horizon Report on Education has some great points about digital literacy as being 'not a checklist of skills' but core competencies. Drowning kids in a 'sea of digital tools' has been a problem that I've noticed and there does need to be a cohesive vision of how to use them in schools.

Coding is a response to the need for computer science degrees which are booming. As I've perused free online courses on Coursera, Udacity and EdX, there is no field which is driving courses like computer science. Getting fluent in the language of Java helps average teachers manipulate data in spreadsheets and basic programming gives kids the ability to program robots. Here are some apps to get you started! is one of the easiest platforms to use. has a number of tutorials that use "drag and drop" programming that makes computational thinking easy to visualize and see. We used this for "hour of code" when I worked at Saigon South I…

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